Arrowhead 135: Keep on

I glance over my shoulder. I thought I heard something, but the trail is empty. I haven’t seen anyone since I left the Surly checkpoint hours ago. It’s snowing, it has been for most of the race. I notice my mittens are frozen stiff. It must be getting colder. I shine my headlamp down the trail, it’s […]

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Arrowhead 135 DNF

It’s the end of January in International Falls and the temperature is about 25 degrees Farenheit, much warmer than I expected. It’s also sleeting. This isn’t the Arrowhead weather I’ve heard about. I’m concerned about how soft snow is, especially with the tendinitis that recently developed in my ankle. Oh well, I don’t think there are ideal conditions […]

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Twin Cities Marathon is the perfect platform for #BlackLivesMatter

I’ve seen a lot of negative reactions from runners about the‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ rally at Twin Cities Marathon; some saying it’s not the right place for it. Others making ignorant and offensive comments. To be honest a vast majority of the comments have been pretty disheartening for me to read. Some have been thoughtful, but nearly all […]

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Fat Dog 120 Race Recap

It’s a little after midnight and I’m stuck at the Heather aid station (mile 53) atop Flattop Mountain in the middle of an epic storm. As I sit hunched over in a camp chair covered in emergency blankets, I’m shaking and shivering, and wondering if I’m hypothermic. A part of me hopes I am so I have a legitimate […]

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Black Hills 50 Race Recap

We pull into Sturgis, South Dakota at about 11:00 pm the night before the race. We had been searching for a hotel room for nearly an hour now and I’m starting to think we might have to setup our tents in the city park and hope nobody notices. Planning for this trip never happened. The three of […]

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SHT Thru-hike: Part 2

Day 3 Cut Log Camp (Cascade River) to Carlton Peak I’m lying in my sleeping bag awake, waiting for the alarm to go off. When it does I just lay there for a few more minutes listening to the rain hit our tent. I had a restless night of sleep as my head raced with thoughts […]

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